Where are you going? The strange free kick goal that surprised the world and caused a miracle in Russia – Ovation – 04/22/2022

The globalization of soccer and the possibility of seeing plays from any corner of the planet through social networks, give rise to surprise with some incredible game scenes. And while Internet users are amazed, some coaches can even take note to apply certain strategies to their teams, however unusual they may seem. We had to open our eyes wide to see what happened in the match between Zenit y Alaniaof the Russian second division, for the Russian Cup.

With the 2-1 in their favor, Zenit was on the way to qualify for the semifinals of the competition, but received a strange goal in second-half stoppage time. The referee took a free kick in favor of Alania almost 25 meters from the goal, when regulation time had already expired. So, Alania put into practice a planned play during the week, as if it were an ace in the sleeve of training. At the moment the judge blew the order with the whistle, the six Alania players waiting in the box ran behind the shooter, disconcerting the Zenit defense (which even had a player lying on the wall) and their goalkeeper. . A soccer player pretended to kick but went over the ball, but the second, Nikolai Giorgobiani, executed a perfect right hand that slipped into the left corner of the goalkeeper. Laughing, the reporter ended up shouting the goal effusively.

And one miracle led to another, because the theoretically weakest team ended up winning 6-5 in the penalty shootout, a series that ended up embittering the St. Petersburg team. In reality, it was an unusual night in Russian football, today isolated from the world by the war with Ukraine.

It happens that Alania had already surprised at 55 minutes when he took the lead through Batraz Gurtsiyev. Zenit recovered with quick goals from Douglas Santos and Ivan Sergeyev, however in the second minute of injury time the most surprising moment of the night would come.

Once in the locker room, the team in the red and yellow vertical striped jersey took a group photo in the locker room, a souvenir postcard of a victory against an important team from the Russian first division. And the joy of all of them was exposed in the networks. “Today we keep these emotions to ourselves and share them with our fans!” wrote the community manager of the Alania club.



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