Training camp and belt tests of the Viktoria judoka

Traditionally, the judoka of FSV Viktoria Brandenburg held their annual training camp from April 8th to 15th. A total of 19 athletes, coaches and helpers took part. The judoka had prepared themselves excellently with many training sessions and thus went into the upcoming belt tests with good prerequisites. But not only the training was in the foreground, but also the fun. For example, there were cinema evenings and a trip to Marienbad.

The Kyu exams were then held on Thursday by Wolfgang Link (6th Dan, Budokan Brandenburg). He had nothing to complain about in any test. Lara Giese showed us the best test with a mark of 1.0, followed by Lukas-Joel Heine and Paul Giese with the second best test.

All judoka who took their test passed with good results and are now allowed to wear the next higher belt color from white-yellow to blue.

The following judoka passed the respective belt tests:

8th Kyu (white-yellow belt): Alisha Furch, Kilian Furch, Lea Wagenknecht, Jayden Wiese, Noah Napieray and Hugo Napieray

7th Kyu (yellow belt): Ahmad Hasan, Chayenne Baumgart and Kimberly Kniza

6th Kyu (yellow – orange belt): Lea-Fiona Hartung and Keanu Fero

5th Kyu (orange belt): Lena Scharlach, Lukas-Joel Heine, Paul Giese and Lilly Charlott Horn

4th Kyu (orange – green belt): Jasmin Kootz

2nd Kyu (blue belt): Lara Giese

A heartfelt thank you also goes to all the helpers who were involved as trainers, uke Robina Sophia Hansen, organizer, lunch cook and photographer.



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