“The championship dream is now over”

After the defeat suffered in comeback in the home ofEmpoliLuciano SpallettiNeapolitan technician, left some statements at the press conference.

Below is what our editorial staff found:

Naples exhaust? “The game had taken a turn where when we lost the ball we didn’t know how to manage it, so I included a midfielder who played all year to restore certain balance. In the streak of victories in a row, the team has always been that“.

There was a time when you journalists used to tell me to remove Insigne because of the move but I decided to keep it inside. Today there were ten minutes to go and I wanted to throw in those who pedaled a lot and who gave us an advantage in the periods in which we scored a lot of points ”.

Demme? “He could have enteredhe like Tuanzebe. Different things could have been done, changes when it ends like this are always wrong. When there is no result even if the owners make little mistakes, the changes are badly done “. Future? My future is the day after tomorrow, tomorrow we rest. I wanted to stop here to visit my mom but instead I will return to Naples with the team this evening, you have to feel the responsibility on“.

Empoli Naples Spalletti Conference
Empoli Napoli (Getty Images)

Everyone said that this team could fight for the championship, there can be no such gap with the last ten minutes played today. If a team fights for the championship – and I’ve always kept it at attention since I arrived – but then you perform performances and play pieces of the game like this, it is a symptom that I did something wrong at work. There cannot be such a thing ”.

Failure of the team to respond in times of difficulty? “The ending of this match is surprising, you have to analyze it and talk about it. It happens that a team drops in pace and intensity at the end of the season. We found a stubborn opponent, who tried every ball and was always very pressing and inside the match. Then there is theadvantageous episode and mentally everything changes, especially if you don’t have a strong mental structure and a strong character “.

We have always said that the team from a point of view of choices always had to play the ball, the battle is not our quality and sometimes we get into trouble. When this happens, it is the responsibility of the coach who sees the players and the difficulties of the team during the week. He tries to bring out the merits “.

The championship dream is now over, there are the numbers that say it. Sadly, it is a dream we have cherished and created with great sacrifice and work. And then the opponents were better and he must be given the road“.


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