Portugalete is excessively complicated before a relegation

Portugalete is excessively complicated before a relegation

Image of the first leg between Portugalete and Beti Gazte / PEDRO URRESTI

The jarrilleros draw 1-1 against Beti Gazte and make returning to the lead a real utopia

Portugalete did not manage to get out of a diabolical spiral in Lesaka that has made them lose practically all the options of holding the leadership and ascending directly to the Second RFEF. The jarrilleros did not pass the tie to one against a Beti Gazte that is bottom and has been relegated for three days. A new catastrophe that adds to a ball of bad results that has followed Germán Beltrán’s men in recent days, where they have signed one victory, five draws and two defeats. Dreaming of the first place now seems little less than a utopia.

Always Young KKE

Sanjurjo; Tellechea, Maia, Ochoteco, Arbelaitz, Zabala, Leiza, Gurrutxaga, Lekuona (Arburua, min. 80), Taberna and Larralde.


Mediavilla; Calle, Gándara (Etxaniz, min. 46), Santamaría, Mikeldi; Iriondo, Naveira, Ortega (Aitzol González, min. 65); Urkiza (Javi López, min. 80), Dani López y Colinas (Sergio García, min. 13)

The jarrillero box is given a new shot in the foot and left two other points in his visit to Mastegi. It was one of their last shots to aspire to the leadership and they did it against a Beti Gazte that had nothing at stake. However, they were unable to win. Everything got complicated in the 23rd minute, when Asier Taberna put the locals ahead and put Portugalete in a tight spot. It was necessary to row against the current and, a quarter of an hour later, Santamaría returned to establish the tables from eleven meters. It is the central defender’s sixth goal this season, despite his position on the pitch.

The Portuguese were lucky not to definitively say goodbye to first place on this day. Deportivo Alavés B also drew in Tabira against a Cultural de Durango team that is sixth (0-0), so they remain at the same distance, but with almost no opportunities to turn the situation around. The babazorro subsidiary is four points ahead when only six remain at stake. Deportivo Alavés must face Anaitasuna -tenth- and Urduliz -fourteenth- and Portugalete against Basconia -fifth- and Cultural de Durango itself. Only a miracle would make them leaders again.


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