PlayOffs NBA 2022: Stephen Curry ‘sends Denver to sleep’: his Warriors intimidate

Los The Golden State Warriors are a Western Conference semifinal team after impressing. Not because of the already convincing and unmitigated 4-1 that they endorse the Denver Nuggets, but because of the offensive and competitive torrent that Steve Kerr’s men have shown to be in their return to the post-season. A tight 102-98 gives them the passport to continue advancing.

If guests like Jordan Poole came to the party in the first games, to finish it off the explosion of Stephen Curry has been remarkable. From less to more, working as a sixth man during the series, but when the ‘ball has burned’… Curry is determined and indefensible. 30 points -20 in the second half- and a decisive shot to send the empty Nuggets back to Colorado.

Nikola Jokic also scored 30, which has justified all those who point to him as one of the best players of the year. 30 points, 19 rebounds and eight assists in the fifth game based in Baha. The Nuggets led the charge for much of the first 24 minutes, with a maximum difference of eight points, but succumbed to a better defensive Warriors in the second half.

For example, Draymond Green took care of Jokic in the last two minutes. Curry joined in attack. First with a running assist to Payne, then an acrobatic layup that put them up four and closing with a three-pointer with 29 seconds remaining. The match was marked by equality (48-48 at halftime) and only defined by the genius of the 30th and the success of the surprising Gary Payton II -son of the legend- with 15 points.

For the Warriors, the next stop will be one of two young teams putting on an entertaining series against each other. Or the Memphis Grizzlies of a Ja Morant on a roll or the amazing Timberwolves who have well deserved to win every game against their rivals. The favoritism will be from those of Steve Kerr.



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