MLB: Jackie Robinson and other moments that changed baseball

This Friday, April 15, is the 75 years since Jackie Robinson debuted with the Brooklyn Dodgerswhich made him the first African-American player to play in the Major Leagues, thus breaking the racial barrier that existed until then.

Just like Jackie, Major League Baseball (MLB) has lived other moments that came to change the gamegiving us a way of conceiving baseball completely different from how we used to do it.

Here we present some examples of changes that impacted the way baseball is lived and played in Big leagues:

Creation of the Baseball Players Association (MLBPA)

The organization now known as Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPAfor its acronym in English) has its origins in 1953, but it was not until 1966 when it was officially recognized as a trade union.

This came to revolutionize mainly contract negotiations between players and managers, giving better working conditions to players and actively participating in business, sports and non-profit affairs with Big leagues.

And the direct impact of the importance that the Major League Baseball Players Association has had was seen in the latest work stoppage.

Designated Hitter Implementation

The designated hitter came to Big leagues in the 1973 season at the request of the owner of Oakland Athletics, Charles O. Finley; who argued that a pitcher was less productive at bat than the rest of his teammates.

Although initially the implementation was given only for the american leaguethe 2022 season from MLB will be marked by making it universal, breaking a tradition of almost 50 years in the National League.

Implementation of play review

Undoubtedly, the advancement of technology came to have a direct impact on Big leagues. It was in the 2014 campaign when it was decided to make use of the play review systemusing the video replay.

This meant the first big change where the technological factor came to position itself on the field of play above the human factor and, like everything, it has been evolving; because starting this year it is expected that the umpires will also announce through a microphone the decision made in a play review.

Justin Siegal and Alyssa Nakken

Finally, another of the moments that came to break paradigms MLB was lived on April 12, 2022, when Alyssa Nakken became the first female outfield coach during the regular season game between San Francisco Giants y San Diego Padres.

It should be clarified that Neck she was the first female coach to stand in the first base box; Nevertheless, Justine Siegal is credited with the first contract with a major league organization as a coach; both opening the way in the gender barrier that to date has not been able to break down in its entirety.



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