Masters Augusta 2022: Tiger Woods reappears at the Augusta Masters and seduces the public again

On the 16th hole, the par 3 of the lake, of enormous symbolism for Tiger Woods, the one in which in the final round of 2005 he holed a shot from off the green that is written in gold letters in the Tigercipedia, the star finally showed signs of life. It was a raised fist after a good birdie putt, five meters, which placed him under par in the Masters. The robot had feelings.

Until that moment, five hours had passed without a grimace, which is good – there are no symptoms that show the pain – and at the same time not so much because right now it looks like a Meccano. The 71 strokes with which he dispatched his first round of competition since he suffered the accident in Los Angeles in February of last year deserved some more joy than was given. That Thursday was not easy at Augusta National, with some truculent flag and a wind that made blows uncomfortable. Taking into account that eight months ago he did not know if he could walk, and that when he goes down slopes he does not hide his limp, it seems too demanding. “There’s a long way to go, but it’s good to have a positive start,” she said without any euphoria.


Woods was serious and tense from the start. He crossed a corridor of people when the clock had already struck eleven – there was a delay of half an hour due to the downpour – escorted by a pair of sheriffs with their eyes on a point on the horizon. He didn’t greet any of the acquaintances he passed. In that he has the usual competitive instinct.

“I didn’t like how I did the warm-up”, he acknowledged. “But I said fine, we have to go out and let’s see what happens,” she explained at the end. Probably all those doubts nested in his head. After spending so much time between weights, elastic bands, reinforcing the lower body, the back, with bibs that look like the protector of a MotoGP rider, After having prepared the moment for months, the sensations were not as expected.

His game was more like the 21-year-old who fell in love with the world in 1997 than the later versions more precise, less crazy. He was erratic off the tee, but made great recovery shots, especially with the short game, where at Augusta he is unmatched. He saved 7 of 9 holes with that weapon, a very high balance. Three birdies and two bogeys made up his card.

Perhaps the strangest thing, also a product of not being able to physically demand muchwas his balance in the par 5, sections in which he accumulates 172 shots under par in his career in the Masters. The total sum was par with a birdie on the generous 13, the one that finishes off the Amen Corner, and a bogey, product of the worst two shots he hit all day.

He attended the press and underwent the second part that has now invaded his life: a long recovery session. “It’s a lot of treatment, a lot of jumping in ice baths. Shivering and suffering! It’s horrible, but it allows me to recover!”, revealed.

Tiger Woods finishes below par in the first round

Woods concluded his activity in the first round in solid fashion. The legend finished under par at -1 with 71 shots.


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