Lorenzo Musetti: “I started working with a private psychologist, so now I try to take care of all the details” (with video of the match)

Lorenzo Musetti rejoices (photo Getty Images)

Lorenzo Musetti at the end of the match he won tonight with Daniel Evans in the Barcelona tournament he talked to his colleagues from Punto de Break.

Two good victories to reach the round of 16.
“They were two great games, two great victories, but both very tough. Today with Evans, the tiebreak of the second set was really hard, very intense until the last point. I think I’ve played my best tennis. I am really enjoying my stay in Barcelona. “

What have you learned from 2021?
“Where I grew up the most was on the mental side. I started working with a private psychologist, so now I try to take care of all the details, the little things on a daily basis, especially what happens off the pitch, because that then affects what happens inside. It’s a time-consuming job, but I think it’s going in the right direction. “

You are 20 and you are already over 60, satisfied?
“I would like to be higher, but we are not yet halfway through the season. The results at the end of last year were not what I wanted, the first part was amazing and I was able to win several games, but in the second part of the season I lost several times in the first round, I lost faith in my tennis , I was not comfortable with my situation. It was then that I started to be much more professional with what was going on around me, so I’m happy to be getting back in tune little by little. “

You suffered a lot from personal problems last season, do you notice that now you are managing them better?
Tennis is like life, a set of experiences. It is a process of controlling your emotions, finding the right feelings and learning to solve problems that arise. It seems “easy, but it’s not always easy. It’s like learning to ride a bike, it is normal to fall at first, but over time you learn to pedal and make progress. Everything in life is like this, in my case I had to learn to leave private matters aside so that they wouldn’t hit me inside, even if at times it had its weight on the pitch ”.


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