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This Monday, with the victory (2-1) of Jaguares over Once Caldas, the date 15 of Liga Betplay I-2022 was continued. Those led by César Torres added 3 key points to shorten the distance with the group of eight, with which they are now separated by only one point. The celebrations came after the goal by Juan Carlos Castellanos and the own goal by Camilo Mancilla, for the local team, while Ménder García discounted for the ‘Blanco-Blanco’.

The feline tipped the balance very early in the game. Around 8 minutes, after a good individual action by Pablo Rojas, who gained space, dribbled, upset the defense and put in a cross for Juan Carlos Castellanos, who only had to push it. The author of the goal accompanied the play and appeared in the middle to connect with his left foot.

Once Caldas did not give up and got the tie after 26 minutes, through Ménder García. The action occurred after a long kick by goalkeeper Gerardo Ortíz and a ball that Diego Valdés combed for his teammate; Ménder stayed hand in hand against goalkeeper Jorge Soto. With the 1-1 they went into the break, but Soto, with a great save, had a lot to do with it.

In the complement, around 54′, the second came for Jaguares. It was an unfortunate action for Camilo Mancilla, who had entered the field of play after 30 minutes. The center-back tried to reject a “footsweeper” that Nelino Tapia put in with poison, and ended up converting into his own goal. Bucket of cold water for Once Caldas!

The match became intense, with actions for each one. Diego Corredor sent Juan David Pérez, Juan David Rodríguez and Ayron del Valle to the field, trying to recover ground and reach Soto’s goal with more presence.

Precisely, at 80 minutes, the feline goalkeeper avoided the fall of his goal with an impeccable save, after a shot by Dannovi Quiñonez. Los albos lost the script with the expulsion of Juan David Pérez after an airy complaint to referee Edilson Ariza. Corredor’s team, with one less, tried with more enthusiasm than football, and in the end, Jaguares withstood the “downpour”, to score key points.

With this result (2-1), the Córdoba team climbed to 11th place with 20 points, just one point behind Once Caldas, which is now eighth.



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