It blushed again! Foreign judges? I am not their supporter, Bílek commented

“It was red, Pavel knew right away,” said Tomáš Chorý, a Pilsen striker, in response to the disqualification of teammate Bucha, who saw a second yellow card in the hands of Polish judge Raczkowski after a sharp intervention in the 85th minute and then went into the showers.

The judging panel, as well as for the Slavia – Sparta derby, used the services of the referees from Poland, because the fight for first place was, of course, closely watched. And it was the situation at the end of the match that was the only one that provoked controversy. “I’m surprised he didn’t draw a straight red card. If Olayinka hadn’t flinched, it would have ended terribly. It was a catastrophic intervention, “Jindřich Trpišovský, Slavia’s coach, shook his head.” From my point of view, it was not an insidiousness at all. Michal Bílek, coach of Pilsen.

“To be honest, I’m not a fan of foreign judges’ nominations. After all, for all teams in the league, their matches are difficult and important, “shrugged the Pilsen coach, whose team had sixteen foul whistles in the match. The Praguers committed the offense eleven times.

“We wanted to play strongly, aggressively. But I don’t think there are any insidious interventions in the game, “Bílek projected over the course of the match.

“From my point of view, you can see a significant difference if the match is run by Czech referees or foreign,” Trpišovský mused, who could compare Judge Marciniak’s performance in the derby with Sparta. “Polish referees had respect on the pitch. “They can keep a cool head. Of course, not a single match was completely without mistakes. But if the derbies or now the duel with Pilsen was not whistled by referees from abroad, we don’t talk about them.

“He managed the match without any problems. On the other hand, it must be said that he did not have many difficult situations to solve, “Chorý mused, who arranged a draw result in a tense duel with an accurate header.



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