Great praise for Enzo Fernández and how Matías Suárez and Esequiel Barco ended: 10 Gallardo phrases after River’s triumph against Argentinos

It was not an easy game. As recognized by himself Marcelo Gallardo, River Plate faced one of the rivals who demanded it the most and although the final result was with victory by 4 to 2at times the team suffered lost possession of the ball and was on the verge of falling defeated. Argentine Juniors recovered from 2-0 against the start, but the expulsion of Miguel Torrén and the penalty converted by Juanfer Quintero, were too many advantages given to the rival in a Monumental that ended exultant for a new victory.

“They are those games with great back and forth. In some moments we had control, in others we didn’t and Argentinos played a very good game. The difference was in our effectiveness, arrivals and direct play. Today was a game to play like this. We didn’t have control as is usually the case, we had to play it that way. It was done and ended in our favor”, was the first analysis delivered by the Doll at the press conference.

Despite the rotation, product of the series of matches between the League Cup and the Copa Libertadores, the coach appreciated that they have been able to carry out a tough match. “It was an even game, very tough. Argentinos is one of the rivals that presented us with a tough fight. We saw it and that’s why we made changes. The positive thing in that rotation is that we added three to a very difficult opponent. We came from playing two games where they also demanded us as happened with Defense in Varela and in Lima (Lima Alliance). I’m happy because it’s not easy We faced two rivals from local football who demanded the maximum from us”he acknowledged.

By emphasizing rotation and in the soccer players who played from the beginning and are not usually starters, such as Elías Gómez, Marcelo Gerrera, Bruno Zuculini, among others, Gallardo highlighted: “The idea is that they suffer as little as possible, but It is not the same as those who have been playing with rhythm and sometimes it costs a little. And also the rival, who demanded us in a great way. We were able to get out of a very difficult situation where in the second half we were overtaken by 25 minutes. Then came the shot on the crossbar (by Enzo Fernández), the penalty, the expulsion and then we did take control. With one more man and the great wear and tear he had caused, Argentinos had no chance. We controlled it better and closed it.”


Before offering a great praise for the figure of the party that was Enzo Fernández, the concern in River Plate goes through the Physical states of Matías Suárezauthor of the first goal and that came out at halftime, and Esequiel Barcowho could not finish that stage.

For the change of Cordobathe Doll explained: “The idea is to add minutes. The other time he entered a tough game, where we won with a goal from him (Alianza Lima) and he was coming off a mild flu these days. But he trained well and played 45 minutes. He is going to add and the goal adds confidence. He will be a great contribution, he is a player that we missed because of the category that he has. He will contribute his football quota and it will be very important”.

Meanwhile, about Boat counted: “He suffered a discomfort in the hamstring (right), it is the other leg that had been injured before. They will do studies to see what he has.”

as it is happening, Enzo Fernandez he became a figure again. He scored one goal and assisted another. For this reason, Marcelo Gallardo praised him highly: “He is a player who at his young age has matured a lot. He is seen to be very confident, fearsome and a development in his game that is seen to be getting better and better, strengthening himself day by day. That’s what the games and continuity give you. He feels comfortable in the team. It is very good for us that it continues to evolve and that it is open to continue incorporating things and not settle. That speaks of his very good head to continue promoting all the good things he has. He is a much more complete player”.

The Doll also sent him a special message to Robert Rojaswho is recovering from a fractured tibia and fibula. “We are not going to look for another reinforcement in his place, that is why Herrera came. I take this opportunity to send him a big hug, although I am going to visit him if I am allowed. We accompany him at this time, we love him very much and we will support him. We will be watching for his recovery. I send him and his whole family a big hug. He is a player that we highly value, for his quality as a person and people skills, apart from his professionalism. This victory is for him.”

Then he pointed to the second commitment that River will face during the week against the Brazilian Fortaleza, this week’s rival for the Copa Libertadores led by the Argentine Juan Pablo Vojvoda: ”Although he lost at home to Colo Colo on the first date, he is a difficult rival, who has an offensive vocation and a very dangerous direct game. And you have to pay attention to that, because in our group there were two away wins (River beat Alianza Lima 1-0 in Peru)”.

To finish, he valued the show that was offered in the Monumental and thanked the fans for their support. “But ultimately It’s very nice to see a game like today’s in Argentine soccer, so you don’t need to watch so much to some of other leagues such as the English one, such as the one in which two huge teams like Manchester City y Liverpool”. About the people of him, he closed: “A special thanks to the public of River. always have to thank him for the support, as much as it happened today when the team needed it most because Argentinos Juniors were superior as they do in other circumstances”.


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