Gorka Agirre: «The margin of error is very small, we cannot forgive»

Gorka Agirre debuted as a scorer at the Sestao River last Saturday / PERU OLAZABAL

Sestao River

Sestao River is aware that it must get the maximum number of points possible to try to assault the leadership and ascend directly to the First RFEF

Four days remain for the final point to be set in the Second RFEF. The Sestao River has already fulfilled the objective of being immersed in the fight for promotion, by certifying its ticket for the play-off. Now it’s time for them to set themselves higher goals and they only think about assaulting the leadership held by Osasuna Promesas, with just two points ahead. Gorka Aguirre, midfielder who came on loan to the Sestaotarra club in January from Bilbao Athletic, is confident of achieving it and maintains that “the difference in points is small and it is difficult for everyone to win, I see us trained by how I see the team work on the day to day and we are very focused on the goal.

Gorka Agirre is having his first experience at a club away from Lezama and admits that “at first it wasn’t easy, I had been at Lezama for twelve years and it was difficult because there was a lot of change”. However, at 20 years old, he was not counting on prominence in the ranks of Bilbao Athletic, so “I felt that I had to make a change to have more minutes, it was the best thing for me”. As soon as the Sestao River knocked on his door, he didn’t have many doubts. “It was a club that attracted me because of the times I had played in Las Llanas and how supportive the fans are,” he says. Regarding his adaptation, he appreciates the role played by his colleagues, who “helped me a lot to feel as if I were in Lezama because they knew it had cost me,” he says.

Now, the playmaker from Busturia feels fully in his new team and says that “I’m learning a lot from the veterans.” He has already played ten games since his arrival in January: six as a starter and four from the bench. He only needed to see the door and, last Saturday, he premiered his scoring account in the first minute of the match against Gernika, to collaborate in a meritorious victory (3-2). «I felt good, I felt comfortable, but the goal was costing me. So I’m happy to give back to the fans everything that supports us », he comments. Therefore, he looks forward to the future and is optimistic about a final stretch where a very ambitious goal is at stake.

The closest thing that awaits the black-and-white is the visit to the UD Logroñés B fiefdom this Sunday at 5:00 p.m. The Riojan subsidiary is twelfth and is in the midst of fighting for permanence. Gorka Agirre warns that “in this category, no match is easy and even less so when playing away, but we are very prepared and we are sure we can win and continue in the fight.” “At this point in the season, all teams play a lot and it shows,” he adds. This is also a warning for Osasuna Promesas, who has not lost any of his last eight games, but endorses that “anyone can give you a scare.”

Today the sestaotarras will be very attentive to what happens between the rojillos and Gernika in Urbieta starting at 6:00 p.m. Only two points separate Osasuna Promesas and Sestao River and this could very well be the day in which the black-and-green team climbs to the lead. Gorka Agirre hopes to overtake the rojillos and finish the league in first place to be promoted directly to the First RFEF. “We’re going to try,” he says. Even so, he is as ambitious as he is aware that “we know that the margin of error is very small, we cannot forgive and we have to go out to all the games taking care of even the smallest detail,” he ditches.


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