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She is one of the best actresses on the international cinema and television scene, one of the artists able to immerse herself in the role of a character so well that she assumes not only her physical appearance but her own soul, she is a woman who comes from a past of poverty. absolute, abuse and violence and alone she was able not only to get away from that toxic environment but to become the Oscar-winning actress we all know by the name of Viola Davis. In her career, this incredible woman has played the role of a successful lawyer who has to deal with her inner demons (the role that gave her an Emmy in 2015 and two Screen Actor Guilds Awards), a maid from Mississippi. exploited and denigrated, she was the betrayed wife of a former baseball promising garbage man (a role for which she won the Oscar in 2017) and she stepped into the shoes of many other faces and in many other stories. Viola Davis, however, this time appears on the small screen in the guise of herself and debuts on Netflix in a super exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey, giving the audience fifty minutes of pure wisdom.

On the occasion of the presentation of his book Findimg Me, Davis tells her story for the first time, her childhood made up of poverty and domestic violence, without clean clothes, without heating, without food. A childhood that led her to suffer and be denigrated because she is not white, not wealthy, not clean like all other children. But that insecure but brave little girl managed to take the reins of her life in hand and write a new story for herself.

Watching this Netflix special dedicated to Viola Davis is a shower of wisdom, inspiration and emotion. It is an opportunity to investigate one’s unconscious and reflect on various issues from physical and psychological violence, to the power of a dream, from the strength of an artistic passion to the search for one’s own happiness which is nothing other than living a life in full resonance. with one’s being.

In her speech of thanks to the Oscar victory, Viola said a sentence that encompasses all the meaning of being an actor and living in the name of this art: “This is the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life” and behind these words there is all the humanity and the depth of soul of this woman who has decided to dedicate her existence to the celebration of human life, even the simplest one.

Strong, vulnerable, aware of her gift of being able to interpret emotions and give them all the importance they deserve, Viola Davis gets naked and gives the audience yet another wonder and this time she does it by bringing her whole being on the screen and we can not help but be grateful.

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