Dream sellers are busy

On the eve of the meeting of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, which will notably discuss the case of the Algeria-Cameroon match, eccentric people devoid of any credibility are working to make believe in a victory for the Algerian side in this case. .

> ALG-CMR: The FAF requests a review by the FIFA arbitration committee
> ALG – CMR: The appeal studied on April 21, 2022
> ALG – CMR: Zekrini, “don’t expect anything on April 21”

We only hear them, it’s their time. They know it, the Algerians are attentive to the slightest information concerning a possible turnaround in favor of the greens to send them to the 2022 World Cup.

Indeed, since Bakary Gassama whistled the end of the match Algeria 1-2 Cameroon (with a few seconds ahead of the scheduled additional time), there has not been a single day without people coming out of nowhere announce that they have evidence of the corruption of the Gambian referee.

After the images of this Algerian supporter speaking to Gianni Infantino in Doha, on the sidelines of the World Cup draw, it is at FIFA headquarters that others are demonstrating to – they say – carry the voice of Algeria.

If some do it in all sincerity, many more or less well-meaning people have rushed into this file to get publicity at a lower cost.

Aref Mechakra and the buzz machine

Among these people we find Aref Mechakra, a “journalist” with more than doubtful credibility and who multiplies the live to announce that he has files proving, pell-mell, the corruption of the referee or the betrayals of Djamel Belmadi internally.

He is also at the initiative of demonstrations in front of the FIFA headquarters, where we also find Sofia Benlemmane, an equally sulphurous “supporter”, famous for having been the first to invade the Stade de France during the famous France – Algeria in 2001.

These two experts in buzz from nothing, vulgarity and ad hominem attacks, are followed by hundreds of thousands of people and their words are taken up, cut up, reassembled and relayed through social networks.

The Egyptians get involved

The Algerians’ appetite for this issue has not gone unnoticed around the world and this is how Egyptians have also started to make Green supporters dream on TV sets.

Thus, a certain Maher Genina, journalist, affirmed on On Sport Time that a sound recording of one of the referees of the match Algeria – Cameroon would have been intercepted… and that one would hear there a discussion about a sum of money which would have been paid to him from the account of a company belonging to a president of an African federation.

Dressed in his blue suit which would suggest that he works at beIN Sports and with his presence on a major Egyptian sports TV channel, he presents all the guarantees of seriousness. However, contacted by us to find out more about his pseudo revelations, he retracts and ends up no longer responding.

Some Egyptian journalists contacted had nevertheless warned us about the lack of seriousness he usually shows, but too late: the information is popular, and is therefore taken up massively by Algerians and several of their media.

OMSAC, the bogus NGO of Mourad Mazar

There is finally an international NGO taking a stand! Indeed, a press release from OMSAC (World Anti-Corruption Security Organization) was taken up from all sides in Algeria this week.

In this press release, this organization writes that, « According to OMSAC experts who have compiled a set of documents which unambiguously establish the refereeing errors committed […]in view of the elements recorded with our experts from the investigations department, it appears with certainty that there was corruption to achieve the result that we know” and to conclude by the same that,
«pFor this, our organization will forcefully do everything that can lead to the re-establishment of the truth of the progress of this competition before and after. FIFA will be held to account to explain whether it is necessary to respect the requests made by the Algerian authorities. Failing this, we, OMSAC, will take legal action before the competent courts. Just a sanction from the referee would undermine the fairness of the Algerian national team.»

However, on closer examination, this “NGO” headed by the Algerian Mourad Mazar is a new empty shell, as the interested party used to create from time to time (just before, he had launched the FIACS…). She is not part of any network, no other organization is part of it, and she is unknown outside the Algerian media…

Indeed, this NGO supposedly located in Geneva has neither address nor telephone number. Of the six members of its executive office, at least two are… fictitious.

First there is Jessica Karel from the “Investigations Department”, who signs the press releases, then Boris Freedman, Secretary General. Not only is there no trace of them on the internet outside of the OMSAC site, but the funniest thing is that by doing a reverse search of their photos, we realize that they are from image banks (professional photos sold for advertising in particular) …

What about Ahfaf Maisam, in charge of international relations who is in fact… a model, living in Paris.

And yet, the APS also took up another press release from OMSAC on the attack on Algerian truckers by the Moroccan army, which tends to give credibility to a puppet organization.


All this agitation is supposed, according to some, to put pressure on bodies such as FIFA. What is clear, however, is that the meeting of the Disciplinary Committee should above all sanction the FAF for throwing seats at the Mustapha Tchaker stadium.

The Algerian Federation understood, probably a little late, that it was with the arbitration commission that it had to act and that, in the absence of material evidence of possible corruption, it is possible to materialize the reality of manipulation of the meeting by calling on external expertise.

We cannot predict what will happen in the days to come, but we must clearly not place too much hope in the state of things, and above all avoid listening to those who seek above all to make a name on this painful issue for Algerian supporters.



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