Defeat-flavoured draw at the Kraken

The game started even due to the tight approach in midfield. The first chance of danger would come from the locals who, with a free kick from Marco Fabian they sought to knock on the door of the arch of Sebastian Jurado but without achieving greater danger. The first half was dominated by those from Mazatlan with opportunities on all sides but the precision was lacking in the last touch to open the scoring in the “Kraken”.

By the Blue Cross, The first danger opportunity would come when the “Shaggy” Martinez would hit the ball with the outside looking for the opposite angle of the arc of Nicholas Vikonis, however, this shot would go wide and would only result in a scare. The reward for the Cañoneros would come when at minute 39′ Roberto Meraz He would take a powerful shot from outside the area, which could not be controlled by Jurado, to open the scoring in favor of the locals. With this goal we would go to halftime with the minimum advantage for Mazatlan.

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Photo: Blue Cross

The second half would start and just a minute into the game there would be a play from Ivan Morales that would send a dangerous center to the area of ​​the locals, which would be pushed by Ángel Romero for the tie of the Machine. After the equalizing goal, the game would open with opportunities for both teams, the clearest being a shot at minute 66 of Bryan Colula, who crashed his shot to the crossbar after a masterful play by Marco Fabian Y Nicholas Benedict.

The game would come to an end without major clear opportunities for any team and would end with a tie at 1 goal, in a game that tasted of defeat due to the large number of opportunities for the Cañoneros.

With this result, the Cañoneros reach 9 units and are placed in 17th place in the general table, 6 points behind the Repechage positions ahead of the Liguilla. This week the activity will continue with matchday 14, where the team from Mazatlan will visit the defending champion, Atlas, on Thursday at 9 pm at the Jalisco Stadium, while Blue Cross Guadalajara will be measured at home on Saturday at 9 pm.


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