Children of the housing estate of the future of Baník? We dug in Valmez and got here, proud is Smekal

Smékal was satisfied after the premiere in the basic line-up of Baník. “Too bad the headers the goalkeeper caught me. I have to improve it and give it next time. The first ball was quite well placed, but it lacked force. “I didn’t place the second head wrong,” said Baník’s pupil. “I wasn’t very nervous. A little, but I’m not very nervous in general, I’m concentrating on my performance,” Smékal continued.

While he was satisfied with the air battles in front of the goal, in the middle of the field he felt that he did not do well. “I haven’t won a single head. I thought I already had a balloon, but in the end it was collected by opponents. They were very good at it. It’s a lot more challenging than MSFL, but maybe I struggled with it, “thought the attacker, who was helped to play alongside the same young Petr Jarona.

David Buchta from Ostrava, who scores the first goal, and goalkeeper Jan Hanuš from Jablonec.Photo: Petr SznapkaČTK

“Peta and I get along well. We’ve known each other since we were little. We dug in Valmez in the housing estate and got here. We know where who is running, we went through everything together, “said Smékal, who believes that despite the great competition in the attack, he will remain in the league team.

“We have great forwards, they score goals, it’s hard to push through. Laco (Almási) is one of the best shooters in the league, Klimič (Jiří Klíma) is doing well technically, he also has few goals. But I will hope, I will get and maybe I will get another opportunity, “the young Ostrava man wished.

Ostrava goes to the superstructure from the fifth position, once again it will face Sparta, Pilsen and Slavia. “I would love to play in these matches and show up in them. It is a dream of almost every young player, “said the admirer of the stars from Dortmund, Germany, Marc Reus and Erling Haaland.


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