“Ben Simmons is the weakest and most pathetic sportsman in world history”

Announced back for Game 4 between Nets and Celtics, Ben Simmons finally withdrew, and therefore saw his season end blank. A terrible observation, which logically earned him heavy criticism, including that of a famous analyst.

The timing seemed ideal, and even pushed some fans to find an ounce of hope before this meeting which promised to be decisive. Cloistered in the infirmary since his arrival in Brooklyn on February 10, Ben Simmons seemed able to make his debut in his new colors this Monday, during Game 4 against Boston. A return that some hoped would be life-saving for the franchise… but which ultimately did not take place.

While all the signals were announced to green a few hours before the match, the Australian leader would have felt back pain the same morning, preventing him from accompanying his teammates on the field. He wasn’t actually even on the bench cheering on his teammates, invoking a fairly lunar motif. Unsurprisingly, he finds himself targeted by numerous attacks following the sweep inflicted on the Nets.

Stephen A. Smith annihilates Ben Simmons

On the set of First TakeStephen A. Smith did not make a gift to Simmons, and even criticized him even more violently… than his favorite victim, Kyrie Irving !

Let me tell you something. You will have noticed that I said that Kyrie Irving is one of the superstars and one of the most individualistic athletes that we have ever seen. I didn’t say, “THE athlete” in the sense of “the number 1”. Because obviously, he is not at the level of Ben Simmons!

No one is worse than Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons is also the weakest and most pathetic sportsman, not just in American sports history, but in world history. I can’t find a professional sportsman who came across as more pathetic than this man.

Holy introduction.

Despite his perceptible annoyance with Ben 10, Smith nevertheless recalled that he expected such a turnaround in his file:

On Friday, when the news broke that Ben Simmons was going to play Game 4, what did I say on set at NBA Countdown? I said, “It’s in 72 hours, so let me wait a bit. Come back to me on Monday, because the brother is not going to play! »

An omen which has therefore been verified in recent hours, and which may have had an impact on the preparation of his teammates for this capital shock. Result: Big Ben should like last year spend an eventful off-season, where he risks suffering the relentlessness of observers. Not terrible to find a steel mind for the next exercise!

Ben Simmons disappointed many with his last-minute withdrawal from Game 4, and pushed Stephen A. Smith to a two-foot tackle. Hello the beginning of the holidays for the ghost rookie of the Nets!



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