Niigata Albirex BB suffered 13 consecutive losses. Lost to Utsunomiya Brex 50-95. It was a defeat with the minimum score and the maximum score difference this season. The first quarter (Q) bite 16-21 by 5 points, but in the second Q, mistakes overlapped and it was separated from 27-44. In the second half, he couldn’t break through the opponent’s fierce defense, such as 9 runs in a row at the end of the 3rd quarter, and he was robbed of the ball and accumulated goals.

PF Jeff Ayres (34), who has completed medical treatment after the infection with the new coronavirus, participated for the first time in three games, and SG Endo Zen (23) also returned to the starting lineup for the first time in three games. On the other hand, PG Shun Watanuki (34), who was injured in the previous game against Kawasaki, went down to the bench in the middle of the first quarter. The team did not yet have the ability to handle the hard schedule of three games within seven days of resuming practice after the infection.