War in Ukraine: Shakhtar Donetsk boss announces death of youth coach

Via a Facebook post, Shakhtar Donetsk CEO Serhiy Palkin announced the passing of a youth coach at the club. The leader also ranted against the silence of Russian athletes on the situation in Ukraine.

The leader did not reveal the name of the deceased, but the cause of his death is known: “One of our employees was killed yesterday. The children’s coach. He was killed by a fragment of a Russian shell.”

This Tuesday, Fifpro also announced the deaths of two Ukrainian footballers. Vitalii Sapylo died in action, while Dmytro Martynenko was killed by enemy shelling at his home with his mother.

Palkin was also angry at the silence of Russian footballers on the current conflict. Like West Ham player Yarmolenko, the Shakhtar president criticized Russian footballers for their silence in the face of the situation and denounced the acts of war by designating Russia as “a nation of terrorists”. “Russia, from a nation that made enormous efforts to defeat Nazism, is transformed into a nation of terrorists, a nation of silent cowards“. “The whole world is watching you today. And the world expects you to take action to stop the madness. But you are afraid“, still asserts Serhiy Palkin.

In sport, fear is a feeling that reduces the probability of victory to zero. Your fear of going against the war in Ukraine is destroyed cities, your fear is thousands and thousands of civilian deaths, your fear is child deaths and the mutilated destinies of millions [de personnes]. Your fear of going against the bloody diet is your greatest defeat.”

Although you did not give the order to exterminate the Ukrainians, your silence is an aid to murder and mass destruction“, further condemns the boss of the club of a located in the heart of the fighting.


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