There will be baseball in SD, the lockout ends and the Padres return

(NOTICIAS YA).-There is good news for all lovers of the king of sports and that is that after the cancellation of the first series of games of the season and the opening day originally proposed for the 2022 season of the major leagues, today It was announced that the MLB and the Players Association (MLBPA) reached an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement.

This agreement between the two parties ends a lockout that began in December and lasted 99 days, keeping players out of team facilities, in addition to prohibiting any team or player from signing new contracts and trades.

The reason for the dispute centered on disagreements over the distribution percentages of MLB’s estimated $11 billion in annual revenue.

Owners say they are affected by declining attendance at stadiums, while players, particularly those who are not the league’s biggest stars, have seen their salaries decline in recent years.

The deal was brokered by the union’s executive board, which is made up of 30 player representatives and eight executive subcommittee members.

The players were thrilled to come to an agreement, Colorado Rockies pitcher Kyle Freeland’s Twitter post shows:

“I’m currently unlocking all the doors/devices/cars in my house just to celebrate. Baseball is back.”

For their part, the San Diego Padres were excited about this agreement and grateful to the fans for their patience, ensuring that this season will be unforgettable in the search for their first World Series title.

Through a letter from Peter Seidler, president of the San Diego team, he stated that they will soon be announcing how the games that had to be postponed due to the lockout will be rescheduled, assuring that for at least five years there will be no setbacks with this new collective work agreement.

Spring training will begin on Sunday, March 13, while Opening Day is scheduled for April 7, maintaining the usual Major League schedule, which includes 162 games.

*With information from CNN


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