Play-offs before the Handball World Cup: Germany meets the Faroe Islands

Dhe German national handball team meets the Faroe Islands in the decisive play-off games (April 13th to 17th) of the World Cup qualification. The European Handball Federation EHF confirmed this again on Tuesday to the “Mannheimer Morgen”. Because of the Ukraine war, Belarus is no longer an option as an opponent.

The Faroe Islands are “a team that has developed well in recent years,” said national coach Alfred Gislason on Tuesday: “We have to take it just as seriously as if the opponent were Belarus.”

Originally, the German team should have met the winner of the game Belarus against the Faroe Islands. But after the Russian attack on Ukraine, the Belarusian national team was excluded from the competition, as was the Russian one, and the two matches were scored 10-0 for the Faroe Islands.

The selection of the German Handball Federation (DHB) is the clear favorite in the duels against the archipelago in the North Atlantic, the ticket for the World Cup in January 2023 in Poland and Sweden should be a matter of form.

The next step for the German handball players after finishing 7th in the European Championship in January is a course in the coming week with two international matches against Hungary (March 19th and 20th). “Our focus is now on this course,” said Gislason. This precedes the World Cup playoffs and is expected to begin on April 11th.



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