Nba: Irving gets 50 and Brooklyn wins in Charlotte – Basketball

Kyrie Irving is the man of the night (Nba): in fact, he offers a performance to be framed and guarantees his even 50 points. An exaggeration. The brand, in the Brooklyn victory on Charlotte’s court, is unquestionably his. Golden State finds success after five knockouts in a row and the Clippers are at the expense of it.
Cleveland won by just 3 points in Indianapolis, exhibiting a 41-point Darius Garland. Memphis has few problems at home against New Orleans, which surrenders 132-111, while Milwaukee – thanks to 39 points from Giannis Antetokounmpo – folds away to Oklahoma City.
Risultati: Golden State-LA Clippers 112-97 Oklahoma City-Milwaukee 115-142 Charlotte-Brooklyn 121-132 Indiana-Cleveland 124-127 Orlando-Phoenix 99-102 Memphis-New Orleans 132-111.