Macri spoke of Boca and liquidated Riquelme: “It’s us…”

During his time at Expoagro, the former President of the Nation and former president of Xeneize fiercely criticized the current vice president of the club: “It’s one thing to know how to put up the ball and another to run a club.”

The dialectical war between Mauricio Macri and Juan roman riquelme added a new round after the former President of the Nation and former president of Boca fiercely criticize the current vice of Xeneize and sentence: “is ruining us“.

The situation would have occurred during the passage of the former president through Expoagro 2022. There, as explained Clarionin the midst of the people who asked him for photos, Macri received a query “from Boca fan to Boca fan“Regarding the idol of the club and current leader. Without hesitation, Macri shot: “Can’t you see it’s ruining us? One thing is to know how to put the ball and another, to lead a club“.

Mauricio Macri

It is known that between Macri and Riquelme there is everyone except a good relationship. The conflicts between the two date back to the times when Román dazzled on the pitch at La Bombonera and Macri celebrated his club’s goals from the official box. From those days of top Gigio up to date, both did little to maintain a cordial relationship.

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Mauricio Macri and Juan Román Riquelme: the recent history of crossed bombings

Since the arrival of Juan Román Riquelme to the Board of Directors of Boca, hand in hand with Jorge Love Amealthe Torero and Maucirio Macri They have crossed dialectically on several occasions, although the former player usually avoids mentioning it in his words.

Recently, in a dialogue with TyC Sports, Riquelme made reference to the jump that Macri made from Boca to the City of Buenos Aires and, later, to the Presidency of the Nation, and accused him of having used the club for political advantage: “I have never seen a boy become a fan of such a political party. The club used us for 25 years to do politics and that is more than clear“.

At the same time, the former President of the Nation knew how to criticize the management of Ameal and Riquelme since their arrival at the club in December 2019 and even compared them with their current political rivals: “Ameal looks like Alberto Fernández and Riquelme, Cristina Kirchner“.

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