Local judokas at Kempes – DiarioSports

This Saturday the Cijaa was in action with 21 judokas in the first judo match at the Kempes in Córdoba.

Baurista Daurich, Emilia Taborda, Agustín Arri, Tomas Viroglio, Valentino Maranzana, Ian Cravero, Camila Taborda, Jeremias Quinta, Francisco Pesce, Trinidad Ribodino, Julieta Taborda, Mía Juárez, Trinidad Ribodino, Piuque Savid Cozzi, Florencia Dundo, Ignacio participated. Pesce, Lautaro Do Santo, Joaquín Arri, Mateo Cortecini, Facundo Viroglio, Andrés Ortega and by another group of elders, Acosta Agustín, Santiago Ludueña and Alejandro Kunkel. León Bertorelo was in the training camp at Carlos Paz on the same Saturday.

These events are preparatory in view of the next national judo to be held from May 5 to 8 in Carlos Paz and thus be the best prepared for said event.

The Cijaa informs that as of April 1, the kiu jitsu activities will begin again in charge of Alfredo and Agustín Acosta to inform them, call 474031. Or go to the deposit in Boero Romanos 1186.


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