LeBron James will have his own museum

It will be located in his hometown and will tell his story, from the beginning until he achieved his 4 NBA rings.

Thursday, March 3, 2022

the quality of LeBron James is known throughout the world, the current player of the Lakers Now he will add an important achievement to his career. The city of Ohio, his hometown, decided to honor him with a major tourist attraction.

In recent days, the foundation of LeBron announced that they will open the LeBron James Museum in that place, during the next year. This museum, in which the entire history of the current player can be reviewed, will be located in an entertainment complex that will be remodeled and will be called House Three Thirty.

Within the experience, tourists will be able to take a tour of his entire sports career and also of James’ personal history, since he was a boy and lived in an apartment in Akron until becoming 4 times champion of the NBA.

The museum is part of a comprehensive plan that has been organized for some time and will be located very close to the school opened by the current player of Los Angeles Lakersthe “I Promise School”.

Among basketball fans, the news caused some astonishment, since to this day not even Michael Jordansports legend, has his own museum.



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