Handball: The ‘baby Bidasoa’ shows that wanting is power

Julen Mujika from Errenteria has scored four goals on the pitch for Toulouse. / Frederic Speciale

The irundarras, with nine players from the first team and five from the subsidiary, managed to tie on the Toulouse pitch

Yesterday, Bidasoa Irun offered a new demonstration that wanting is power and tied at 26 at the Fenix ​​Toulouse court, an inconsequential result because in all cases it was going to finish the European League group in fourth position but it instills more morale in the yellow troop

Added to the well-known casualties of Azkue, Salinas and Kauldi were the absences of Cavero and Julen, not injured but exhausted. Jacobo Cuétara chose to give them rest, taking into account that Ademar León will pass through Artaleku on Sunday and displaced nine players from the first team and six from the Ilcapo Hondarribia subsidiary of the First National. In a certain way, the match could resemble a friendly one that these teams have played several of in recent years, but the competitive gene gave wings to the Gipuzkoans, who were about to win.

Bidasoa Irun started with a goalkeeper from Moguer and six home players: Ugarte (Irun), Zabala (Eibar), Iribar (Zumaia), Gey-Emparan (Urruña), Furundarena (Usurbil) and Mujika (Errenteria), the four being last of the subsidiary. This gang of youngsters who are learning fast once again put together a sensational performance, as reflected by the fifteen goals they scored between the six.

More than put up with the guy

The previous statements, the call and the starting seven placed the yellows as victims, but they were ahead on the scoreboard during the first twenty minutes, with income of two goals. The 8-9 was followed by seven minutes without scoring and a 3-0 run that gave Toulouse the first lead (11-9), extended to three goals from 13-10. After the break, which was reached with 13-12, the French recovered the three advantage at 16-13 but Bidasoa gave them back the partial 1-5, placing 17-18 on the scoreboard and the uncertainty for the last third of the match.

Fenix Toulouse

Lettens (16 paradas, 3 pen.), Feutchmann (2), Gilbert (2), Kempf (5), Petterson, Ilic (2, 2 pen.), Abdi –siete inicial–, Ferrier, Giraudeau (2), Wagner (3), Balenciaga, Jarry, Borzas (1), Firmese (2), Marmier (5) y Vieira (2)

Bidasoa Irun

Sierra (12 stops, 1 pen.), Ugarte (1), Iribar (2), Zabala (1), Gey-Emparan (1), Furundarena (5), Mujika (4) –starting seven–, Ledo, Urruzola, Tesoriere, Da Silva (1), Nieto (3), García (1), Rodríguez (1) and Fernández (6, 4 pen.)

  • Marker every five minutes:
    1-1, 3-4, 5-7, 8-9, 11-9, 13-12 (rest); 16-13, 17-15, 17-18, 21-20, 23-23 and 26-26.

  • Referees:
    The Poles Jakub Jerlecki and Maciej Labun, who excluded the locals Petterson, Jarry and Gilbert and the visitors Tesoriere (twice), Urruzola and Ugarte and the coach Cuétara.

Toulouse, although nothing was at stake either, wanted to win in front of their fans and once again turned the score around, making it 23-21 with eight minutes to go. And then came the least expected of the afternoon, a 0-4 run with three goals from Fernández and one from Furundarena that put Bidasoa two up (23-25) and very close to victory. The advantage was still two at 24-26 with a minute to go but Toulouse managed to equalize on the last play.

In the round of 16, Bidasoa Irun will face Denmark’s GOG, first in group B despite yesterday’s defeat. The first leg will be played in Artaleku on the 29th of this month and the second leg will take place in Denmark on April 5.

In group C, to reach the round of 16, Logroño needed to win a visit to PAUC Handball, in which Iñaki Peciña from Irundarra plays, but lost 37-31 and was eliminated.



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