German Open 2022 Which TV Shows? Watch the struggle of Anthony Ginting et al on this TV

HALOYOUTH– The German Open 2022 will be held from March 5 to March 13, 2022 in Muelheim an der Ruhr, Germany.

Before discussing about the German Open 2022 which TV will be shown? Watch the struggle of Anthony Ginting et al on this TV, here is a review of the Indonesian players who will compete in the German Open 2022 tournament.

Indonesia sent 9 representatives who were confirmed to be included in the draw list for the German Open 2022.

The mixed doubles sector accounted for the most representatives in this championship with a total prize of 180,000 US dollars.

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After that, followed by Indonesian men’s singles which sent 3 representatives, then men’s doubles and women’s doubles with 2 representatives each. While the women’s singles are not included in the drawing of the German Open 2022.

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting is Indonesia’s main focus in the men’s singles sector, then there are also Jonatan Christie and Shesar Hiren Rhustavito who will compete in this tournament.

In the round of 32, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting will meet the Danish representative, Rasmus Gemke.

The meeting between Ginting and Rasmus Gemke will be an interesting match, considering that the heat to head of these two players shows a balanced figure, aka 1-1.


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