Duh, Riyad Mahrez ‘Accidentally’ Kicked the Ball into De Gea’s face


Riyad Mahrez kicks the ball into the face of David De Gea in his second goal against Manchester United. He did ‘deliberately’ do that to subdue the opponent.

Manchester City celebrates a goal when they host Manchester United in the Manchester Derby, Sunday (6/3/2022). The Citizens won 4-1.

Kevin De Bruyne and Mahrez each scored a brace for Man City. Meanwhile, Man United could only reply through Jadon Sancho’s only goal.

All of Riyad Mahrez’s goals came in the second half. His first goal was scored after getting a corner kick, while the second was obtained after escaping the offside trap.

In his second goal, Mahrez got a pass from Ilkay Gundogan and took it into the penalty box. The Algerian striker then kicked the ball hard which hit Man United goalkeeper David De Gea in the face before going into the net.

Investigate a calibaration, Mahrez did ‘intentionally’ direct the ball to the top of De Gea’s body. This was done because the opponent was tough enough to ward off the bottom balls.

“The first goal, their player (Harry Maguire) touched it, but you have to hit the target, as our physiotherapist said, ‘You have to hit the target to get the goal’,” Mahrez said. Sports Illustrated.

“Second goal, I tried to hit a high ball because I know David De Gea is good at hitting low balls. I hit the ball high, hit his face and went in – I got both,” he said.

Two goals against Man United added Riyad Mahrez’s account of goals in the 2021/2022 Premier League to 10 goals. He has scored 21 goals for Manchester City in all competitions this season.

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