Č. Budějovice – Jablonec 2: 0, Footballers of České Budějovice defeated Jablonec and won for the first time in the spring

Budejovice got the perfect start to the match and in the fifth minute they got into the lead. Čolič swapped the ball with Mihálik on the right side and shot a sharp pass into the penalty area, which ended up right behind the back of the Jablonec goalkeeper Hanuš.

It took the guests a while to recover from the goal they received. But in the 18th minute they got a solid chance, but Černák aimed inaccurately. A moment later, Dynamo was able to add a second goal. Taking advantage of the defensive play of the Jablonec defense, Mihálik easily got to the ball and fired just outside the penalty area. Hanuš just hit his shot in front of him and the catching-up Škoda headed side by side on a clear occasion.

From left: Tomáš Smejkal from Jablonec and Mick van Buren from České Budějovice.Photo: Jan HomolkaČTK

However, the experienced attacker did not have to regret the missed chance for a long time. Before the end of the first half, he already scored. In the 43rd minute, the Jablonec defense hesitated again, letting Skovajs’ long pass fall to Van Buren. Českobudějovický midfielder passed back against the leg of the overtaken Škoda, who scored with a shot in the exposed goal.

North Bohemian lethargy continued in the second half. The home team were already playing more cautiously and were calmly guarding the two-goal lead. Jablonec tried a few hints of offensive actions, but did not complete any of them. In addition, he lost the injured goalkeeper Hanuš in the 57th minute and the match had to be caught by substitute Hrubý.

The South Bohemians were able to increase their lead at the end of the match. In the 90th minute, however, Van Buren headed side by side and Mihálik finished inaccurately at the set time.

České Budějovice won only the second of the last eight league matches with Jablonec. Dynamo confirmed their strength on the home field, where they scored 26 out of 32 points this season.

25th round of the first football league:
Dynamo Ceske Budejovice – FK Jablonec 2: 0 (2: 0)
Goals: 5. Čolič, 43. Too bad. Judges: Batík – Mokrusch, Dobrovolný – Zelinka (video). ŽK: Valenta, Van Buren (both Č. Budějovice). Attendance: 2854.
Budejovice: Vorel – Colic, Kralik, Havel, Skovajsa – Valenta, Hora – Van Buren (90th Tolno), Skoda (68th Hais), Brandner (76th Cavos) – Mihalik. Coach: Horejš.
Jablonec: Hanuš (57. Hrubý) – Štěpánek (32. Vošahlík), Martinec, Kubista, Černák – Hübschman – Pleštil (73. Kinčl), Považanec, Houska, Smejkal (73. Nykrín) – Silný. Coach: Rada.


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