BBL: Hamburg Towers: After 73:85 against Bonn play-offs are in danger – basketball

The Towers applauded the 2012 fans with hanging heads and trotted into the dressing room. Hamburg’s basketball players conceded a 73:85 (33:34) against Bonn, second in the table. And after the eleventh defeat, they are in danger of missing the Bundesliga play-offs…

“We’re fighting, we still have a chance,” said boss Marvin Willoughby (44). “We want to try to achieve the over-goal. That would be to get into the play-offs in BBL and EuroCup. And we’re not that far from it. That’s why we can’t say everything is grits.”

Not everything! But 20 minutes against Bonn. The rooks slept through the first and third quarters. They never recovered from the early deficit. There were also 22 ball losses.

“We made too many mistakes, especially in defence,” analyzed top scorer Lukas Meisner (26/19 points). “We gave them too many offensive rebounds, too many second chances, and made it so very difficult for us to come back.”

Corona patients Maik Kotsar (25) and Robin Christen (30) had tested themselves the day before. Justus Hollatz (20/knee) also made his comeback. However, the Towers only had one training session to prepare for the title contender.

“We never give up,” said Hollatz (15 points) defiantly. In fact, in the race for eighth place, the Hamburg team are still playing against their rivals Crailsheim (April 1) and Göttingen (April 10). But first in the EuroCup on Wednesday against Breslau (7.30 p.m.) the preliminary decision about the quarter-finals will be made. Hollatz: “We watch from game to game.”



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