Bayern and hat-trick hero Lewandowski fool around with cue ball Salzburg on their way to quarter-finals | UEFA Champions League 2021/2022

Bayern Munich has recovered with brilliance in the Champions League after the draw in the first leg of the eighth finals against Salzburg. Hat-trick hero Robert Lewandowski led his team towards the quarter-finals before halftime, with another record performance. In the end, the Austrians got 7 around the ears.

Bayern – Salzburg in a nutshell:

  • key moment: Salzburg gets off to a good start in the Allianz Arena, but in 8 minutes Wöber lets himself be caught twice in the same way by Lewandowski. The Pole converts both penalty kicks neatly, match played.
  • Man of the match: Robert Lewandowski already decided the match before the half hour. With a flawless hat-trick, RB Salzburg was completely in the loop. He also gave a nice assist for Leroy Sané after the break.
  • Remarkable: Lewandowski has another record. He scored the fastest ever hat-trick in CL from the start of a match tonight. He also now scored more than 5 hat-tricks in the Championship, as did Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo (who already have 8 each).

Lewandowski puts Salzburg through the meat grinder

What a night for Robert Lewandowski. After the 1-1 draw in the first leg in Salzburg, Bayern Munich still had some work to do in their own Allianz Arena.

As so often, the Bavarian machine could count on Lewandowski. After every childish defense of Wöber, the Pole converted 2 penalties himself. Moments later, he was just too quick for goalkeeper Köhn to make it 3-0 before half an hour.

Serge Gnabry also got his share before the break. The visitors were exhausted, Lewandowski once again put his name in the history books with the fastest CL hat-trick ever from the start of the match. 45 minutes to feast for the Bayern fans.

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Köhn has to turn around 7 times

With a series of substitutions on both sides, the tempo had completely disappeared from the game, but there were again 4 goals to score. Müller made 2 very nice goals, on the other side the 18-year-old Kjaergaard countered.

At the end of the match, Lewandowski once again showed his superior class. With a fabulous heel he put Sané alone in front of Köhn who made it 7-1.

Monster figures in the Allianz Arena. After a somewhat more difficult period on cruise control, Bayern goes to the quarter-finals of the Champions League. PSG, Manchester City and other top clubs are undoubtedly already holding their hearts.

  1. end, 22 hours 48. End of match. Kimmich kicks directly at goal, but harmless and so referee Turpin can immediately blow the whistle. Bayern progress to the quarter-finals without any problems after a gala match. Lewandowski was the man of the evening with a flawless hat trick. †
  2. second half, minute 92 match over
  3. second half, minute 91. Kristensen kicks Sané down, giving Bayern another free kick just outside Köhn’s penalty area. Ref Turpin will no doubt add too much extra time. †
  4. second half, minute 89. Aaronson is a fine football player, his pass is perfect for Sesko down to the centimeter. The Slovenian’s shot is of lesser quality. †
  5. second half, minute 87. Beating for Salzburg. In the lock, the visitors crack again. Sesko just gives in with Kimmich and Lewandowski plays with a heel to the run-through Sané: 7-1. Equal to the beating that Bayern handed out to Sporting Lisbon in 2009 in the 1/8th finals of the CL. †
  6. Goal during second half, minute 85 by FC Bayern Munich’s Leroy Sané. 7, 1.
  7. second half, minute 84. Müller with his second. Müller sets up a wonderful campaign. He looks for the combination with Lewandowski and Müller finishes at Sané station: 6-1. Really painful numbers for the visitors. †
  8. Second half goal, minute 83 by Thomas Müller of FC Bayern Munich. 6, 1.
  9. second half, minute 83. Nianzou has a bad header and then Kjaergaard is lurking, Upamecano eventually solves it. †
  10. second half, minute 82. Bayern clearly settles with 5 goals and does not show the eagerness to outsmart Köhn again. On the other side, Kjaergaard and Aaronson flash once in a while. †
  11. second half, minute 78. Searching for the 5-2. Aaronson suddenly has a lot of freedom and sees Kjaergaard, but the American loses his balance and his pass is not right. Salzburg has already had moments to hold back. †
  12. second half, minute 75. Bayern have to pay attention. Sané must return quickly to retrieve the runaway Sucic. Not that it would suddenly look dire with 5-2, but it is still a bit of a shock for the home team. †
  13. second half, minute 72. Handsome savior! † Goal number 6 and this time Köhn should not go fishing. Aaronson advances well with the ball at his feet, he plays substitute Kjaergaard who confidently makes it 5-1. Handsome goal by the 18-year-old Dane, his first in the Champions League. †
  14. Goal during the second half, minute 70 by Maurits Kjaergaard of Red Bull Salzburg. 5, 1.
  15. second half, minute 70. It looks like a training match in the Allianz Arena. Substitute Nianzou plays postman and hands in to Müller, it is not all that inspiring anymore. This cannot be expected any longer. †
  16. second half, minute 67. Substitutions. And a few more changes. Roca, Nianzou and Choupo-Moting make their appearance, Süle, Musiala and Coman move to the side. Nagelsmann will be exchanged in a moment. †
  17. second half, minute 67. Substitution at Red Bull Salzburg, Samson Tijani in, Mohamed Camara out
  18. second half, minute 66. Substitution at FC Bayern Munich, Marc Roca in, Jamal Musiala out


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