Aitor Nieto loses the crown to Míguez on points

The boxing evening in Oviedo, which had all the ingredients for the enjoyment of the public, could not put the finishing touch on the main combat, in which Aitor Nieto, the boxer from Oviedo, sought to proclaim himself champion of the European Union of the welterweight against the Basque, based in Cantabria, Jon Míguez. He won the second, by majority decision of the judges, confirming that the evening, which enjoyed a great atmosphere at the Palacio de los Deportes, turned its back on the Asturian boxers.

Before some 1,500 spectators, according to estimates by the organizers, Nieto, 37 years old, played the award against the young Míguez, 25 years old, at “Diamond Boxing Night”, as the event was known. It was an even match, with a very high pace, only decided on points: (114-114, 116-112 and 118-111). The discussion between the teams of the two contenders had focused on the previous one for the gloves to be used during the fight, but any trace of controversy disappeared as soon as the two boxers entered the ring of the Palacio de los Deportes in the capital of the Principality.

The other Asturian representatives were also unlucky at the Oviedo night. Jonathan “Maravilla” Alonso, aspiring champion of the European Union in super lightweight, and Sergio “Kaiser” Fernández, former champion of Spain in the middle, were defeated in their fights with controversy in the decision of the judges after two very disputed fights.



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