Zielinsky’s recipe

Zielinski’s recipe worked perfectly. El Pincha followed the instructions in the Russian manual to the letter, and won it with two goals from set pieces, maintaining an important defensive firmness. “When you win, you are calm”, said the Students’ DT, he barely sat in the post-triumph conference against Independiente. And yes, he won it with his imprint and the Leon started well.

Del Prete, Boselli and Díaz shared the same team. Three players who a priori give you scoring chances for sure. Far from not risking changing their ways, the Russian used them together, they showed great liveliness on offense and were solutions, both in defense and attack. “I think that good players can play together despite the characteristics”, analyzed the coach.

There was a movement that ended up being effective: the DT used the former 10 of City Torque on the wings in the first stage, to help cover Alex Vigo’s raises. But in the second half, he let it go more and found the best version of himself. “He played in a position where he doesn’t feel very comfortable but he tried to give his best. We try that at the moment of attacking he gets disordered ”Zielinski explained.

He had a good read at the right time. The Russian was accommodating his Students and ended up winning well.

The goals of the match


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