Uni Girona says goodbye to the Euroleague in one night to forget (70-78)

Uni bids farewell to Euroleague in one night to forget (70-78)

The European future ofSpar Girona will go through theEurocup, the prize, in theory, of consolation, but which can give Girona women the opportunity to win a continental title. One had to be won country that nothing was at stake to make history again and to plant for the second year in the quarters of theEuroleaguebut today the magic of so many other European nights has not appeared in Fontajau. Neither the magic nor the competitive and forceful version of the Girona girls, who have been very, very thick. The French, on the other hand, were very successful in the outside shot and taking advantage of the easy basketballs awarded by Uni, they won with justice (70-78). The Eurocup, the lesser evil, is very good, but today the version offered by the team has been very weak. The team of Julbe he got to lose 18 at the start of the last quarter (49-67) and despite the merit of getting to put 5 (70-75) at 1.15, there was nothing left to do.

Arriving at the losing break of 4 has been great news for Uni, who during the first half had seen a bull to stop the success of Landes, with Fauthoux (10) i Roomy (9) as the main offensive weapons, and a 6/9 in triples that contrasted with the scarransit 2/11 accredited by the premises. In the first quarter Spar Girona had already had to lift an 8-point disadvantage (6-14), and it has basically achieved this from the free kick (14-14). In the second quarter, Uni continued to beat and suddenly lost 13 (19-32) just before the start of the half. Adjusting the defense a little more, Girona have put themselves at 5 (30-35) after a spectacular basket of Burke. Two free throws from Laia Palau they ended up taking the period to the break with 4 points difference in favor of the French. Nothing that could not be reversed, especially seeing how the performance of Alfred Julbe’s team could be improved.

But there was no way. The third quarter started with an exchange of baskets, although Landes did not take long to escape again by 10 on the scoreboard (41-51) and Julbe was forced to ask for time out. From the start, a triple by Roumy regained the maximum difference in favor of the French (+13, 43-56), against a Uni that found no arguments in attack or defense, allowing very easy baskets in the Landes. Nothing went well. Chery it closed the period with a painful 49-64 and even the Fontajau bleachers seemed to go out for good.

That the last half opened with a triple visitor did not help at all (49-67). Landes had an 8/15 in three shots, Uni was still in a desperate 2/15. Gardner has encouraged Fontajau a bit since 6’75 (54-68) and Reisingerova has placed the 56-68, but the timid reaction has not had continuity. Five minutes before the end, Landes continued with the game dominated (58-73) while Uni sailed as it had not been seen for days. At least the arms have never been lowered and Gardner and Flores they put Uni at 7 (66-73) in the last reaction attempt just over 3 minutes from the end. Fontajau is resurrected. Araujo he made it 68-73 at 2.18 and Gardner at 1.15 put the 70-75 which made the fans dream even though at this point everyone knew the damage was already done and the game was lost.



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