The boss of a school in Dinant had hit a teacher and a classmate with a baseball bat

A man born in 1996 prosecuted for several acts of violence committed in Dinant, in 2015 and 2016, was sentenced Wednesday on opposition before the criminal court of Dinant to a work sentence of 250 hours. Thirty months in prison are provided for in the event of non-execution of this work sentence.

The defendant was still a student in a Dinant establishment when he committed most of the misdeeds. He first nudged one of his teachers who was intervening to put an end to an altercation he was having with another student. An involuntary blow, according to him, but which caused the victim to be incapacitated for more than four months.

The student with whom he had an altercation was, in the following months, again the victim of the defendant’s actions. In addition to harassing him, the latter slapped him in a large area and later hit him with a baseball bat near Dinant station. The victim had his skull cut open. For this last fact, the aggravating circumstance that the facts were committed because of the foreign nationality of the victim was reproached to him but this one was not finally declared established, for lack of sufficient elements in the file.

Another person was also beaten by the defendant as part of a training course he was following, and a neighbor of his father was threatened.




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