Owner of the Dallas Cowboys will seek for the team to return to the Azteca

Mexico City /

One of the teams from NFL consented in Mexico are the Dallas Cowboyswho have not played in the country since 1994. Now the owner of the team Jerry Jones He says that if it is in his hands to bring the team to play in the Aztec stadium He will without hesitation.

If I have something to do with it, they will”, he expressed when asked if they would return to Mexico soon. “If we can do that, it will happen. Aztec Stadium, the history of the Azteca Stadium was an example for me about the installation of suites. It was one of the modern stadiums to have suites,” he said.

The director spoke of the importance of Mexican fans for the Cowboyswell the Aztec stadium was an inspiration to build the team’s stadium and more than 50 percent of the fans in United States support the painting of the Lone Star.

Emilio Azcarraga was the one in charge. They were the forerunners in the construction of stadiums. Lhe games we have played there have been important in the history of the Dallas Cowboys And our focus, our attention to our Mexican fans makes it imperative that we go out there and play.”

“Because when we play in Mexico, we not only increase our fandom, friendship and interest, we also endear our Mexican fans in the United States, of which we have more than anyone. More than 50 percent of Mexican fans in the United States are fans of the Dallas Cowboys”.



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