NBA: Josh Giddey, the teenager who was MVP in L’Hospitalet and who has left behind Doncic’s early records

Un triple-double rookie Josh Giddey (28 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists) allowed the Oklahoma City Thunder to win in overtime and on the road against a New York Knicks too accustomed this season to failures and disappointments.

Josh Giddey, the teenager who has left behind Doncic’s precocity records

The Australian continues to make history in his first season in the NBA and continues leaving behind the records of precocity established in the league by players like Luka Doncic o LeBron James.

With his performance against the Knicks, the Australian becomes the youngest player to post two triple-doubles on consecutive nights. In addition, the Australian added his eighth game with 10 assists this season, which surpasses Doncic as the third player under 21 with the most games with that assist figuresecond only to Stephon Marbury and LeBron James.

The Thunder point guard has also become the youngest player to record a triple-double scoring 20 points and the earliest to record a triple-double against the Knicks.

Basketball from the cradle

Giddey is genetically given basketball. Son of Warrick Giddey, former Melbourne Tigers playerIt didn’t take long for Josh to prove his skills in his hometown. There he enjoyed basketball as just another game, without seeing it as a way of life for the future. In fact, at that time, for Giddey the important thing was not the orange ball but the business. that he opened with his friend Liam and that took him to mow the lawn all over Melbourne: “I had to cross the city by train to attend to some errands. It was fun and an easy way to earn money,” Giddey himself recalled in the pages of Tell me magazine.

Little by little he changed his priorities and began to put basketball at the top of the pyramid. And his goals changed. I no longer wanted to be anything other than being a professional athlete. He put on his overalls and began to train hard to achieve his goal. Hand in hand with his father and Australian legend Andrew Gaze, Josh’s talent took shape until he began to make waves in his country… and beyond.

With 14 years Giddey was already one of the most promising young men in Australia and at 16 he was selected by the NBA itself to compete with an Australian U18 team in the L’Hospitalet International Tournamentin which figures such as Rajon Rondo, Josh Smith, Carlos Surez, and Sergio Rodríguez have participated.

There Giddey dazzled all the NBA and NCAA college scouts. Today’s Thunder player was proclaimed champion of the tournament and was named MVP of the same, averaging 11.2 points, 8.4 rebounds, 4.6 assists and 16.6 PIR.



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