MLS rejects James Rodríguez’s idea of ​​retiring there after leaving Al Rayyan, they think it’s an insult | Colombians Abroad

James Rodriguez He was so honest in a recent broadcast on Twitch that now, days after his statements, he is still being talked about.

He talked so much, he touched on matters of his private life and his plans for the future, and in one of those he revealed a goal: to play in the MLS. And that, which in other circumstances could have been good news, turned out to be a great annoyance.

Whose? The MLS Commissioner Don Garberwho told Media Day a straight truth: the North American tournament has no intention of being a retirement paradise for anyone and all the decisions he has made in recent years point there.

“We don’t need to bring in a big-name player at the end of his career because they’ve decided they’d like to retire in MLS. When Zlatan left Major League Soccer, no one said he was going to retire to Italy. And frankly, that insulted me,” he commented.

“We want our story to be about young players who come here in the early stages or in the prime of their career and make our league their league of choice. Like all the best leagues in the world, it’s about buying and selling players,” he explained. the manager in reference to names like Pulisic (Chelsea), Sergiño Dest (FC Barcelona) or McKennie (Juventus), who have gone from the MLS to the European market.

Garber acknowledged that it is becoming more and more difficult to bring in a young player due to the high demand that exists throughout international football: “It is very clear that there is a global demand throughout the world for our young talented players,” he explained.

James said with total honesty on Twitch: “I would like the United States, a country that I like very much, I would be closer to my daughter, who is in Miami. I love the culture of the United States, I always go on vacation there, for many years years. The United States is a part that I would like,” he said last Sunday.

Just in case, he has shown on his social networks that he is good to fight for a position in the MLS:

The truth is that neither in the MLS nor probably in any other competitive league will they open the door if wage claims do not give way a little and that sporting part is privileged over the economic one.

James is in that from the Qatar League, from which he has confessed that he wants to leave very soon. It will be necessary to see if his agent finally achieves a bump like that of Real Madrid or Bayern Munich.

It will be more difficult for Neymar, since he was the one who bothered the MLS board the most, when he spoke of going to that league after the end of his contract at PSG because “there are three months of vacation” there.



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