MLB: LeBron and History will produce the documentary ‘After Jackie’

Los Angeles California /

On the 75th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s arrival at the MLBthe super star of basketball LeBron James in alliance with the History Channel will produce a documentary film called ‘After Jackie‘, which will address the history of the players who broke into the Big leagues after the famous number 42 of the Brooklyn Dodgers broke the color barrier in the baseball from the United States.

Robinson’s story has been told many times and in different ways, so this documentary will focus on the narratives of players such as Bob Gibson, Curt Flood and Bill White.

This production will be in charge of distinguished people in the media such as the executive co-producer Stanley Nelsonwho has won the Emmy and is nominated for Best Documentary in the Oscar 2022 for his participation in Attica.

“As a lifelong baseball fan, I am delighted to present this documentary film in depth about some of the lesser known legends who followed in the footsteps of Jackie Robinson to overcome racial barriers and make Big leagues be more inclusive,” Nelson said.

The documentary will feature personal letters from Jackie Robinson and interviews with iconic Major League players in recent years such as CC Sabathia and Mookie Betts.

It is not yet known when the documentary will be released.


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