Jos Verstappen is annoyed by the Belgian media: “Suddenly they think Max is Belgian”


Max Verstappen’s father has dealt a stab at the Belgian media. According to him, they have paid little attention to his son in recent years, but now that he is F1 champion they want to claim him as ‘Belgian’.

In addition to his Dutch father, Max Verstappen also has a Belgian mother, Sophie Kumpen. As a result, Verstappen has dual nationality, but Verstappen is especially respected in the Netherlands. After his first world title in Formula 1, that attention has only increased.

“Everyone wants a piece of Max right now. On the one hand, that’s a nice compliment for him. He is doing incredibly well. In the car, but also outside. He comes across well, has a fresh head and remains himself,” Jos Verstappen tells ‘De Telegraaf’.

Suddenly interested

“So I understand that a lot of people are proud. Of course I am, but on some points I have trouble with it.” With the latter, Jos mainly refers to the Belgian media, which, according to him, are now suddenly showing an interest in his son and seem to want to make Max a ‘Belgian’.

“For example, in the eyes of some Belgian media, Max is suddenly Belgian. I think that’s pretty weak. We’ve been racing for years, but until a few months ago little or nothing was written about him in Belgium and now they suddenly claim he is theirs. I absolutely do not see it that way.” Jos Verstappen expresses a strong portion of criticism of the Belgian media.

Dual nationality

According to Jos, his son does indeed have dual nationality, but Max feels first and foremost a Dutchman.

“The situation is that Max has both nationalities, because Sophie and I were married when he was born,” said Verstappen.

“Since he races under a Dutch license, he is slightly more Dutch than Belgian. That’s how he feels. If the Netherlands has to play against Belgium, he is for Orange.”

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