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Original title: Incompatible, intolerant, inappropriate!Completely torn face, the Nets really want to trade Harden

Well-known NBA reporter Sam James broke the news that the Nets are open to a deal for Harden, and will immediately make a trade as long as there is a suitable bargaining chip. Harden is a player option next season, and will become a free agent this season. With Durant injured and the Nets winning the championship, Cai Chongxin’s Nets decided to reduce the burden. If there is no hope this season, then next season compete. Harden will not play against the Jazz. He missed the game with a hamstring injury and a hand injury. Perhaps the four points scored in the Kings will be Harden’s last game with the Nets.

Some time ago, there was news that Harden was open to a summer transfer, but Harden immediately denied this statement, and he also showed his loyalty to the Nets management, but now the Nets have changed hands and put him on the shelf. The operation is really mind-blowing. The Nets are notoriously friendly teams. Irving and Durant come here to play brother basketball. The head coach Nash is also appointed by the brothers. At the same time, Cai Chongxin and Nash are both Canadians, so they have an indescribable relationship. Durant has a lot of power within the team, he can deny or push a deal.

According to sources, the Nets traded Harden because the team has been losing, and his style of play is incompatible with the team. His holding the ball for a long time has hurt the team’s chemistry, and frequent injuries have made it difficult for the team. To sum it up, Harden is incompatible with the team. Harden is impatient and cannot play for 40 minutes. Harden is not suitable for Irving and Durant. The Nets really dare to say this. The other 28 teams in the league can say that Harden is not good, but only the Rockets and the Nets cannot. There is no credit or hard work. The Big Three of the Nets have not played 20 games together. Fans also know who has played many games in these two seasons. Without Harden, there would be no record of the Nets this season.

Why didn’t the Nets say Harden was incompatible with the team last season? It is estimated that he would not dare. Last season, Harden was the best in the Eastern Conference for two consecutive months. If he is not injured, he is likely to become the top three MVPs, be selected for the first team of the best team, and win the scoring title. Harden played the best efficiency in history in the first round of the playoffs. These Nets management seemed to be invisible. Harden scored 4 points and directly denied all his efforts.

The Nets are in their current state. Head coach Nash has an inescapable responsibility, and Irving has the same responsibility. The management does not deal with these. Instead, it believes that Harden has influenced the team and put him on the shelf. This moment also proves that the basketball team The Nets are a favored team. After all, Durant, Irving and Nash were also the three who originally came to the Nets. It is still clear that one person leaves and three people leave Cai Chongxin and general manager Max, so Harden has become victim.

Harden is on the shelf, and the team evaluates him so, it is estimated that the two sides have torn their faces. The 76ers kept Simmons and refused to sell at a low price, just waiting for Harden to appear in the free market. Now Harden can be traded, and the 76ers are preparing to negotiate a trade with the Nets management. The 76ers have always believed that Harden + Embiid can win the championship, and they are also satisfied with Harden’s state this season. The 76ers have enough assets. They have Simmons and Harris, as well as good young players. The three-way trade for Harden is likely to return to the Nets.

The Clippers exchanged some role players for Powell and Covington. The Clippers are strengthened again. Many people predict that the Clippers will make this transaction to target Harden. They will make a second transaction to get Harden. The goal of the Nets is to win the championship. So the Clippers have enough rotation players for them to choose. Harden is a point guard now. Although he holds a lot of the ball, he is willing to share the ball. This is a very good match for Leonard and George. If Harden comes to the Clippers, then the next team will crush other teams to win the championship. It’s the Clippers.

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