Elvinia as beautiful as her Universe

Elvinia as beautiful as her Universe

Elvinia and her … Universe!

A “friend” of mine, who knows her well, calls her Elvy and describes her as a kind of cow girl, always ready for new adventures and to get serious. So it was (after all, I know something about it, in terms of women, horses and songs he is almost always right) also for the national finals of Miss Hippodrome, where he will certainly know how to bring out all the sensuality and beauty, energy. that she has put into that thing called life since she was a little girl, with the naturalness of enthusiasm ranging from classical dance to competitive judo, a discipline where she was the regional champion of the Marche 4 times, she who was born in Ancona and lives in Montegiorgio, the home of San Paolo, the Palio and trot racecourse.

Elvinia Minnoni loves good food, reading (“don’t tell it around but like Vasco’s Alba Chiara, I even devoured school books, law books”), travel, fashion, fashion and glamor, healthy competition. And above all he loves horses …

A passion inherited from my grandfather. A great love, an enormous good yet small compared to what they always know how to give me. In 2009 – he says – I lost my mother and it was thanks to a horse that I found the comfort that no human embrace could have given me. And it is still so today. It is in the horses, in their gaze, in our embraces that I find strength and serenity every time “.

“Certain -Continues Elvinia, a dad who adores her and who they tell me to be a great farrier- among the many things I do, first of all studying and working, I can’t stay with them as long as I would like but taking care of them as soon as I can has remained one of the priorities, if not the first in absolute, for my well-being “.

Over the years, although she is still a young girl with her soul in the balance (“it’s the best possible balance, staying on the line”) between the child who does not pass and the woman who returns and arrives, Elvinia has started a family. Pardon, stable.

And in fact today waiting for her on her return from the firm or the law firm, eager for pampering, vices and speeches made also – but not only – with the eyes, there are Carlitos, Clelia, Diogenes, DiLuca, Elissar, Estiomene, Ella and the good “old” blond Universe, also a really beautiful model, “to the point that it is with him that I shot for the contest”.

For her, living a 360-degree trotting stable means organizing it, studying possible improvements “but also cheering, getting excited at every beat, for every result of the horses. And travel continuously to follow them on all tracks and away. Spying on them from the ground and training them on the ghig, seeing the world from the shelter and with the sight of their ass “.

In the stable and by the horsesi -continue- I learned a lot. Also to live with logics and impulses different from mine, also not to give up, also and above all that a possibly bad result is not an unquestionable verdict and may even be a good starting point. The magic of racehorses is that they can always give us a thousand emotions, a thousand surprises, a thousand teachings “.

And among the surprises of Elvinia also that of driving in the race, without whip by rule and by conviction, in the horseracing-charity circuit of the Stars: “I owe a lot to them, it was a fantastic gift. The first race just turned 18, other than dreaming of a license for the car or the car itself; it was what I dreamed of and even today when I run I feel incredible emotions, maximum adrenaline, mutual trust between me and the animal, sport, pleasure, adventure “…

Now as a new adventure, another box to fill in among Elvy’s cow girl things, comes the most beautiful beauty contest in the world for those who love horses: “I can not wait and already thinking about it I feel the right shivers down my spine. It will be a wonderful, exciting game and it will be a unique opportunity to test myself, beyond the votes of the jury “.

Pleasure, seduce, she really likes it and “I find it fascinating to be able to wear and discover two sides of the same me and my femininity: the one wearing high heels and the one dressed as an Amazon to the depths of the soul “.

Yes, because, we haven’t written it yet but Elvinia, as a free performance of talent, will perform on the track, in sulky, ready to be seen, as beautiful as her Universe, while watching – as she says – the world from behind the ass of a horse …



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