El viral video de un Philadelphia Eagles-Dallas Cowboys

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There is no love between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys. The two franchises passionately hate each other in a heated rivalry that reaches the front offices.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has called Philadelphia the “toughest” place to play in the entire country. Jones even enjoys interacting with Eagles fans whenever he gets the chance. The 79-year-old Hall of Famer recently told John Clark de NBC Sports who likes to frown and blow a little kiss at those fraud freaks.

“I know what frauds the Philly fans are. Behind that, there are some good people. And I know and they know that I know,” Jones told Clark. “We have a good time when we go to Philly.”

Viral video of Chris Christie at the Eagles-Cowboys game

The former Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, often sits in Jones’ box when the Cowboys visit Lincoln Financial Field. He is a well-known Dallas fan who draws the ire of Giants and Eagles fans alike due to New Jersey’s proximity to New York and Philadelphia.

When the Eagles and Cowboys met on January 8, 2022, a video of Jones and Christie went viral. In it, a Philadelphia fan can be seen throwing an Eagles jersey at Jones for an autograph, but no way. Jones’s grandson intercepts him and throws him back into the stands as Christie laughs.

Beat Dallas: Nick Sirianni incites rivalry

Coach Nick Sirianni spoke directly on the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry in week 3 when he took out a T-shirt that said “Beat Dallas.”

“I know how heated the rivalry is,” Sirianni told reporters on September 23. “I have been in the NFL for the last 14 years. This is the one that feels the most like college rivalries. And that’s pretty special.”

The jersey was a powerhouse that motivated Dallas to win. The Cowboys are done beating the Eagles 41-21 in Week 3 and then beat them again 51-26 to end the regular season. Sirianni is 0-2 so far against the Cowboys.

“Make no mistake about it. That inspires their fans.” Jones said Sept. 24 via CBS Sports. “He probably inspires his players. There is no tougher place to play in the entire country than Philadelphia. Without a doubt, they are a great rival.”



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