Belluschi, key in his debut in the Ascent

Students did not react. After a first half with many negative aspects and nothing to highlight, Seferino Flores looked at the bench of substitutes and did not hesitate to call him. They were 9 minutes into the complement, when the coach sent Fernando Belluschi to the field, the star incorporation of the Río Cuarto team for this season of the First National. And boy did it work…

After his surprise departure from Newell’s, the offensive midfielder did not shake his pulse and decided to go down to Ascent to continue to stand out vice. And in his first minutes at the León, he already showed all his quality. Why? He changed the face of his team when they lost 1-0 against Instituto due to Gabriel Graciani’s goal and was key to reaching the tie.

Fernando asked for the ball when the potatoes were burning, he managed the threads of the game and contributed all his quality to the service of a Estudiantes who dreams of fighting upstairs, something that will not be easy. However, due to Luis Silba’s goal, he took a good point from one of the top candidates. Yes, La Gloria was reinforced strongly.

Belluschi to believe.

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