Barcelona-Athletic | LaLiga: Xavi: “Scoring goals against is also Bara’s DNA”

Xavi He recognizes that Bara is having a good time and that the team has improved in the game, but he does not want to throw the bells on the fly. He believes that there is a lot of room for improvement and warns that the Athletic it’s a tough nut to crack.

Summary of Xavi’s press conference

The winter reinforcements

“I don’t know what would have happened if they didn’t come. It would have been more difficult, that’s clear. Aubameyang hasn’t surprised me because he has scored goals his entire career. He has surprised me at work. Adama has surprised me in decision-making, how He has matured. Ferran seems to me to be a footballer of another level. I asked for him. He is a spectacular player. He is a world-class footballer. Perhaps he is the one that has surprised me the most. I already expected it, but I can confirm it. He is a wonder of soccer player”.


“He’s at a very high level and we’re happy. When we arrived, he had back problems. He’s fine now and he’s competing to play.”

Puyol’s bet

“We’ll go to dinner the same way. He’s a good friend and he’s very optimistic. He has a lot of confidence in me. He’s a very positive guy and I wish we had him in the locker room because he’s spectacular. Let’s see, the situation is difficult and we don’t depend on us. We will fight until the math says otherwise.”

The defense problem

“We have to improve in several things, not in a specific aspect. We are doing things right and things wrong. We have to be more reliable. We can improve. If we win, the better”.

fast forward

“Nowadays, the way football is, getting ahead is very important. We have players like Ferran, Adama or Aubameyang, who do a brutal job. I’m not just talking about goals. Ferran is very young and very mature in the game. Adama and Aubameyang too.


“We are generating occasions with the interiors and this is important for them”.

Would you like to play in this Bara?

“I would like to play in this Bara. I would always like to play and I think about it when I am on the bench, but my time has passed”.

We have to be ashamed to lose the ball

Conceding too many goals

“Yes, it’s an aspect that we have to improve. We have to concede fewer chances, minimize errors, lack of concentration at certain times. Not conceding would be important for us. It’s a short and medium term goal”.

Nico and Iaki Williams

“They are fast and take advantage of the spaces generated. We have to stop them and minimize them. It will not be easy because they have players who understand the game very well behind their backs. They have players of a very good level, not only physically, but also technically. It is a generation of footballers important”

Xavi’s car

“There were criticisms and there will be. I know where I am and the position I have. This is about excellence, winning. Doing well on the pitch, in the press room… this is a club with the highest demands. return to the idea that has made us great. We may or may not win, but people identify with the team. Neither today am I the most handsome for winning nor next week, if we lose, I will be the ugliest”.

Frenkie de Jong

“It’s difficult to play better than he did the other day. He has to maintain his level, insist. Make it transcendent for the team and the game. He’s a great footballer. There are times when he’s had a hard time, but he’s very strong mentally. He is capable and very critical of himself. He is a great footballer.”


“Madrid caught us on the counterattack and we caught Naples. This is also DNA. I remember Stoichkov scoring goals with high defense. And Villa and Henry. This is football. Spaces are used”

The bara you want

“We have to improve. We still lose unnecessary balls. We have to be ashamed to lose the ball. We have to improve the strategy… but it is clear that there has been improvement since I took the team. We are not at a very high level. There is room for improvement big”.


“I live this moment with great enthusiasm. The people who stop me on the street are excited. We have to continue working with the same effort. Here it is only worth winning. In the event that we do not win, that the fans feel proud because their team He gives everything. Tomorrow we need the fans to be with us”.

That the president is euphoric transmits us joy

Aspire to LaLiga

“It is good that there is illusion and euphoria, but we have to be cautious. We are in a moment of improvement, but we have to go game by game. We do not rule anything out, but we know that there is a lot of difficulty. It is evidence, the numbers say it. That the president is euphoric makes us happy. He is a natural leader and I think it’s good”.


“Both he and Lenglet are training normally. If everything goes according to plan, they will be on the list. Memphis has to be an important footballer in this Bara. Lenglet too.


“We will change little and I don’t think they will change too much. We have improved. We have more resources and the players have gained confidence. We have improved, but we have to show it in every game. They work very well. They have already beaten us. We have to confirm the gets better”.

Changes from the Cup

“I don’t think they will change. Marcelino has a very clear idea of ​​the game. He is a coach who works very well. Tomorrow we have a very difficult rival. Proof of this is that they are the last team to beat us. They have a Cup final between week. We know it will be difficult.”


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