Alex Wood speaks out against the MLB and its deadline

Mexico City /

The tension between MLB and the Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) increases as the days go by Major Leagues established February 28 as the deadline to reach an agreement and sign the new collective agreement (CBA).

Otherwise, the players would be harmed because It would start with the cancellation of games without payrepresenting for them losses that could translate into millions of dollars.

Given this, various players have expressed their discontent on social networksarguing that reaching an agreement before the indicated deadline is too hasty.

Such is the case of Alex Woodlauncher of San Francisco Giantswhat expressed his dissatisfaction with the situationobjecting that very little time had passed since the negotiations were resumed and, even, they hadn’t even received a real offer from the owners.

One of the latest proposals MLB did to the MLBPA was the minimum wage increase to the players, considering an agreement of 640 thousand for the 2022 season with an increase of 10 thousand in each of the following four campaigns.

If we put it in comparison with other professional leagues of United States as the NFL, NBA and NHLwe have to Major League Baseball has the lowest minimum salary at the same time that it is the league where the most matches are played per season. Seventh Inning


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