A Sixer launches hostilities against Ben Simmons!

Now a Nets player, Ben Simmons won’t have to wait long before finding his way back to the Sixers. But will he be dressed to play against his former team? If so, a former teammate promises him hell in Pennsylvania: the atmosphere promises to be explosive.

After months of staying in California, hoping for a trade, Ben Simmons got what he wanted: a fresh start. In a few weeks, he should evolve under the orders of Steve Nash for the first time, and hope why not win a title with the Nets. It’s playable, even if there are many unknowns in Brooklyn.

Will Simmons get along well with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving? One can logically ask the question. For that, we will have to wait again, because the Australian is not able to return to the courts. However, the last update on this subject was quite positive.

Ben Simmons towards an explosive comeback?

What is certain is that the Nets will soon cross paths with the Sixers, on March 10 more precisely. The question is asked: will Simmons be in uniform? It is possible, he who is accelerating his training. In addition, we imagine that he will be keen to face Philadelphia, even if the atmosphere promises to be special.

In his recent podcast, Danny Green opened up about Simmons’ return, but doesn’t think he’ll be fit to play against Philly on March 10. It must be said that the player is out of shape for now:

Are we going to shake hands at the start? Probably not. But first of all, I would be very surprised to hear that he will play this game.

No return date has been given about Simmons, who will need to ramp up before considering playing a game at the NBA level. However, if that’s the case against the Sixers, we can say that it won’t be easy:

If he plays in this match, I would be surprised. But let’s imagine that’s the case, it will be very hot, a playoff atmosphere, where it will be very complicated for him.

Ben Simmons on the floor on March 10? If so, the Sixers promise him hell. His departure was not digested, especially by the fans, but especially by the players. Either way, don’t miss it.


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