Xavi prefers to take risks with Álvaro before putting Riqui Puig

BarcelonaXavi entered the press room very angry. Far from looking for excuses, he was self-critical and never tired of repeating that if they didn’t win it was because of “their own mistakes”. Egarenc, who refused to talk about the referees but did defend that Gavi’s expulsion “conditioned” them, regretted the lack of depth of his team, especially in the first half flat and gray. “In training we work hard to be deep: repeating automatisms and insisting on them, but in the first half we missed a lot of things. We need to get more people on the attack and improve. We need to grow from now on. I’m angry and upset, because we lost two vital points “, complained Xavi. “The expulsion has hurt us a lot, it has been decisive, but we must admit that we continue to make many mistakes, as happened to us against Osasuna. A very similar script has been followed and it can’t be. “

The Barça coach, who did not hide his anger because yesterday’s game means cutting the team’s growing momentum, did not want to blame Gavi: “This can be learned from experience and the profession. . He is a player who always gives us a lot, but today it is clear that his expulsion has conditioned us. We are a team that likes to go under pressure on the opposite field, and with one player less we have been forced to step back and have suffered. They managed to tie us, based on corners, lateral fouls … ”. There were times when Xavi also took risks because changing Dembélé for Álvaro Sanz with another expulsion of a first team player would have left him with fewer professional cards than allowed, which would have meant losing. “I am just happy to be free. We needed Álvaro, a player who knows how to hold the ball “, said the coach, who preferred the midfielder of the branch over Riqui Puig.




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