Wilander: “It was not Djokovic’s mistake not to get the vaccine, someone told him that he could travel and had the proper papers”

Swedish Mats Wilander has given an interview for the newspaper Marca where he has spoken about the case of Novak Djokovic and his more than possible deportation from Australia. The Scandinavian has referred to the Serbian’s situation in the following terms: “I don’t think it was Djokovic’s mistake not to get vaccinated. Someone had to tell him that he could take that plane and that he had the papers in order. It’s all very confusing “, recognizes Wilander, who also comments about the danger that he will not be able to play almost Grand Slams in 2022.” Djokovic has little chance of winning the trial, no politician will want to look like a fool. It makes me sick to think that he can retire because he can’t play Slams. Maybe he can’t get vaccinated for a medical issue, we don’t know. I can’t imagine he would retire because he couldn’t play the greats because he wasn’t vaccinated. “




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