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“We have had a slight hangover since Steph’s record”

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Long at the head of the NBA in this 2021-22 season, the Warriors have since left the place of leader to the Suns, the fault in particular to results not tip top at the beginning of the year. What are the causes that explain the current small form of Dubs? Coach Steve Kerr has his theory.

Since the big win on the Suns floor at Christmas, the Warriors have been groping their way. Seven games, a record of three wins for only four losses (including three losses in the last four outings), sores here and there (Draymond Green in particular, only two games played in 2022), a Stephen Curry who knows the ‘one of the worst series in shooting of his career, in short Golden State is having a difficult time in an overall very successful first part of the season. Has the #TrashTalkCurse had its effect yet? Not impossible because we remind you that on January 3, we released a paper on the fact that these Warriors version 2021-22 had left on the same bases as those champions in 2018, emphasizing in particular the fact that they did not have still lost two games in a row this season. A few days later, bingo, two losses in a row against Dallas and New Orleans. Simple coincidence? Surely not. But for Steve Kerr, the truth lies elsewhere. The Warriors boss knows that in an 82-game long regular season, ups and downs are almost inevitable. And these socks can especially appear in the middle of the campaign, when “the excitement of the start of the season has passed but there are a few weeks left before the break [du All-Star Break, ndlr.] To use his words.

A rhythm that begins to be felt, therefore, but that’s not all. Steph Curry’s 3-point all-time record, in the heads of everyone during the days or even the weeks preceding the famous date of last December 14 (record day at Madison Square Garden), really weighed in the minds of California, who are paying a little the price today according to Stevie (via NBC Sports Bay Area).

“And we are also coming out of Steph’s record race, which was filled with emotion. There is a little hangover that goes with it. You add to that a tough schedule and some injuries. It’s all part of it. “

We saw the impact that the record hunt could have on Stephen Curry himself, so we understand where Steve Kerr is going. And then we must not forget that on the sidelines of all that, there was also the Klay Thompson’s highly anticipated return, another great moment in the Warriors campaign. The Splash Bro has just returned to the court after 941 days of absence following his two big consecutive injuries, and the challenge that now arises is the reinstatement of Klay in the collective of Golden State, he who will necessarily need a little time to ramp up. So of course, Thompson knows Kerr’s systems by heart and there shouldn’t be too many automation issues, but the California rotation at the start of the season is still modified with the return of the sniper in the five-for-one. about twenty minutes per evening (for now).

Small form for the Warriors, and the schedule is not necessarily tender with them. The next deadlines? Travel to Milwaukee, travel to Chicago and travel to Minnesota. We have known a lighter program to relaunch.

Source texte : NBC Sports Bay Area

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